Bookish T-Shirts + A SPECIAL Coupon Code

                   Bookish T-Shirts Plus A SPECIAL Coupon Code!

Yesterday on my “Blog Related Book Ideas” post I mentioned talking about bookish fashion, and today will be my first article about  bookish t-shirts + a special coupon code. Etsy is a great website to buy unique products and help support  budding entrepreneurs. When browsing through Etsy I came across some awesome bookish t-shirts that really express the love of reading. As a fun fashion idea I decided to feature some of these great t-shirts and the people who make them. Not only that but while contacting these business one of them offered Freeing Fantasy readers a special coupon code for 10% off on items in her shop. Check out these cool finds and get your coupon code.

 I Like Big Books and I Cannot Lie

This humorous, yet stylish design is made by CKIP’s Kloset. I just can’t help but giggle at the play on words here. To me this design screams “I’m a Bookworm, and I’m funny to”. One of the things I love about this shirt is both the font and the color. The two font types  and the two tone coloring does a great job at making the word “Big” stand out, because lets be honest, bigger is better. Now I’m not going to lie, I personally am not a big fan of pink, but paired with the black lettering it helps to give this design a girly yet edgy feel. CKIP offers this shirt in sizes small to extra large  and customization options with out extra charge. If you like this design, selling for $16.99, or want to see what else CKIP’s Kloset has to offer than please click on the link below!

Click here >>>>CKIP’s Kloset Etsy Shop    


 Just One More Chapter

This geek chic t-shirt is made by Mini Geek Boutique, where they have brought the term “bookworm” to life. Graphics on this bookish t-shirt are bright, and colorful. Which is good when you want to make sure people in any direction can see your love for books. Even though the cutesy bookworm is a cool image, I absolutely love how the internal struggle of an avid reader. I can’t even count how many times I was stuck in a book, had a million other things to do, and all I kept telling myself was “just one more chapter”. I think its one of those things that all book lovers go through.  The “just one more chapter” shirt is offered in many sizes in unisex, ladies fit, and kids sizes. You can find this design, starting at $15.80, as well as other products in the etsy shop for Mini Geek Boutique, just click the link below.

Click Here>>>>>>> Mini Geek Boutique Etsy Shop   



                                            I Am A Reader

The “I am a reader” shirt above is made by That’s Simply Adorable. I’ll just come out and say it, I’m in love with this shirt. The quote displayed here expresses so much of how I feel about reading.  Reading is a crazy fantasy world. A beautiful, sometimes scary, sad, funny, loving, angry, crazy fantasy world. Yeah sometimes it might give us unrealistic expectations, I’ve fallen victim to that after reading an amazing book. But who says we shouldn’t raise our expectations and try to make life the best fantasy we can? Oops I was rambling, back to the shirt. The different fonts as well as uniquely designed frame really liven up this shirt and give it so much character. That’s Simply Adorable offers this shirt in both white and black, you can get it in other colors as well when requested. The sizes are girl’s v neck and crew neck small to extra large, and women’s v neck and crew neck small to 3xl.  Pricing for this sensational shirt starts off at $20, you can find it and other bookish t-shirts in the etsy shop below.

                              SPECIAL Coupon Code

Michelle Harrell, owner and operator of That’s Simply Adorable is also huge book lover. So she  has decided to share the love by offering a special coupon code just for my readers! When making a purchase from her shop simply type in the coupon code   FREEINGFANTASY  and you will get 10%  off your purchase. Just click the link below and start shopping till your hearts content!

Click Here>>>>>>>>>>>>That’s Simply Adorable on etsy  









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