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Omega’s Choice
The Black Ridge Wolf Pack
Book One
Lilli Carlisle
Genre: PNR, Fantasy Romance
Print Length: 183 pages
Publication Date: May 25, 2017
Tagline: Scarred but powerful, Black Ridge Wolf Pack leader Aldric Forst has been selected to mate with an Omega—but first he must protect her from the dark forces that would corrupt her magic.
Book Description:
In a realm of elves, ogres and white witches, where danger is ever-present, Princess Helena Lichtenberg lost her parents at a young age. Raised by her uncle and aunt, Helena values family above all else. Now, as decreed by tradition, it is time to select a mate.
Enormous, scarred and scary, Black Ridge Wolf Pack leader Aldric Forst has never drawn the eye of any Omega. Why would he? But, on this, the night of what he swears is his last selection celebration, everything is different. One of those most beautiful, magical and powerful women, the niece of the king and queen themselves, wants him. And Aldric has never wanted anything more in return. No force—no matter how dark, no matter how powerful—will take Helena from him.
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Princess Helena
took that moment to turn toward him again. Instantly, his heart raced, his
palms became sweaty, and a nervous excitement rolled around in his stomach,
which he wasn’t entirely sure he liked. After all, he was a feared warrior,
people looked to him for guidance and strength, and now he felt like he was
going to pass out because a gorgeous woman was smiling at him with such joy.
As Amalia spoke
to Helena, the princess’s small omega stone on her forehead glowed, and it was
impossible to miss the waves of happiness coming from her.
“Looks like the
princess is happy you agreed to dance with her, brother.” Godric looked about
ready to burst with excitement. “Should I call home and have the rest of our
party get on the road?”
“No, not yet,
Godric. Let’s see how the evening goes first. Then we can call in
reinforcements.” Aldric didn’t want to get ahead of himself. He refused to be
let down again. “What do you think Lady Amalia meant by she’d waited years?”
“I have no idea,
but I do know the only way you’re going to find out is by asking the princess
herself. Ready to waltz, brother?”
“At least all
mother’s lessons are about to come in handy. What if she expects our normal
life to be like this?” Aldric panicked.
“Okay, now
you’re just looking for problems that aren’t even here yet. Get out there and
sweep that princess off her feet with the alpha you are. Wait until I tell
Cassandra she was right yet again.” Godric had a look of absolute glee at the
prospect of making that call back to the pack.
“Yeah, well, if
Cassandra was right about this, brother, then she also predicted that I would
have to fight for my omega.”
Godric turned to
face Aldric and all humor fled from his expression. “If we have to fight for
your omega, then it’ll damn well be one we win, I can assure you of that. If
this night goes well, I’ll be calling in more warriors as well. They will be
here before the sun rises.” Both Theron and Tofa nodded in agreement, even if
Theron continued to tap away on his tablet.
“We shall see,
Godric. Let’s hope I don’t step on her foot. Then it may be the royal guard we
need to fight.” Aldric laughed as he, Godric, Theron, and Tofa stood and made
their way across the ballroom to stand in front of King Leonidas, Queen
Alexandra, and Princess Helena.
Princess Helena
was simply stunning; her emerald green eyes beamed with happiness as he
approached. Aldric had never felt this level of immediate attraction before in
his lifetime. Helena’s curly blonde hair was pulled away from her face,
showcasing her royal tattoo and tiny vines twisting down her slender neck to
her collarbone. Her smile lit up everyone and everything around her and her green
eyes shone with happiness.
Aldric, Godric,
Theron, and Tofa stood before the king and queen, bowing respectfully and
waiting for King Leonidas to speak. The entire time, Aldric hoped like hell he
didn’t screw this up.
The room had grown
strangely quiet.

About the Author:
Lilli Carlisle lives outside Toronto, Canada. She’s a member of the Romance Writers of America and its chapter, Toronto Romance Writers. Lilli is a mother of two wonderful girls, wife to an amazing man and servant to the pets in her life. She writes both contemporary and paranormal romance and believes love should be celebrated and shared. After all, everybody needs a little romance, excitement, intrigue and passion in their lives. Lilli loves to hear from readers, you can find her here:
Omega’s Choice was definitely a world all it’s own. Which is what made it such a magical read. The werewolves in this book were so much more than your ordinary werewolves that I have read about time and time again. Not only did they have special abilities but they had their own laws and traditions that really made this a unique read. Lilli Carlisle really created a world all her own with amazing characters and special back stories.
Helena was an interesting female lead. She’s royalty but is down to earth and truly cares about those around her. She’s also some what of a tomboy and a take no nonsense type of women. The thing that really made her one of a kind to me is that when she see’s something, or someone she wants she goes for it. Now as for Aldric, he’s not your typical werewolf either. Yes he’s an alpha and hes strong and very protective. But he has such a soft side for his family and loved ones. Plus he’s not exactly the most confident guy when it comes to women. When I say that I don’t mean hes a brooding, mopey kind of guy. He just hasn’t had a lot of luck with women and isn’t going to pretend like he has.
Both Helena and Aldric know who they are and own it with a fierceness. That’s one of the things that makes their relationship so special. Neither one is going to change who they are so they make absolutely sure that the other is okay with that. Which is perfect because when it comes to accepting people and being open minded, they both are on the same level. When they care about someone they care about them for who they are. Their just a perfect match.
Omega’s Choice is a magical read that isn’t just about romance and love. It’s about the world and traditions that these amazingly unique werewolves are apart of. I recommend you give this one a read. You wont be disappointed.

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