Review of Fallen Flame by J.M. Miller

Good Reads Synopsis: 

Nineteen years ago, on the island kingdom of Garlin, a girl was born. With charred skin as rough as rock, Vala was instantly feared. For how could one be scorched by magic when it had perished ages before?
Recognizing an asset, the royal family welcomed her on their Guard. Her detail: the prince.
To watch. To protect. She has grown with him, lives her life for him.
When the high kingdom’s princess comes to assess the prince, assassins of rival courtiers come to claim his life. One nearly succeeds in his mission. But with shadowy movements and charred skin like her own, Vala knows he is not like the rest.
As threats to the prince continue and questions about Vala’s life begin to rise, she faces a fear worse than fire or water, worse even than losing him. She fears finding out who she truly is.


   I’d like to start by saying this is my first ever ARC review, so thank you to the author and Netgalley.

Now the book! I request to review Fallen Flame because the synopsis seemed very interesting to me but was not something I would normally read. However, I’m glad I did. There were many unexpected twists that really helped to add excitement through out. I wont lie some parts did drag but that was only a small percent of the book. Most of the time I couldn’t put it down.

The world created by J.M. Miller is so magical complete with a kingdom, Queens, a Princess, a Prince, and those that protect them.  The main character, Vala, is one of those protectors. She’s strong and loyal, despite the fact that shes different from everyone else and has no clue about her background. She also very rarely takes crap from anyone. That’s why it was so hard to see the way she was treated by those around her. Though I will say many of the other characters will surprise you. By the end I found myself loving some I originally hated, hating some I liked, and a couple that were back and forth a few times. There is one character, wont say who, that I absolutely loved, besides Vala of course. They had me cracking up quite a few times and was part of the big highlights for me.

One of the things that was really enjoyable for me as well was the back story to the world of Fallen Flame. I love how the author had detailed mythology and history. It really helped to add another level of magic. The description of Garlin was so well put together I could truly picture it as I was reading. Hopefully the beautiful descriptions and mythology stick around in the next book. I’ll definitely be keeping an eye out for the rest of the series, and suggest that everyone grab their copy of Fallen Flame.


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